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About North American Rectifiers &
Plating Electronic

NAR / Plating Electronic

How it came to be?
North American Rectifiers and Plating Electronic proudly began their partnership in 2015.

Our Mission
Our mutual objectives are bringing to the forefront top of industry technical custom power solutions to perfectly fit your needs.

What our partnership brings
A dedication to customer service and delivering on our promises
A desire to ensure you have all the information necessary to make an informed purchasing decision
Experience and reliability
Bringing industry leading and revolutionary technology to the North American market

NAR is the exclusive home of
Plating Electronic in North America.

Nar's Story

NAR dates back to 1965 as it was originally founded as Thyristor Devices Ltd. by Hugh Neames. Mr. Neames was a successful plater and an engineering graduate from University of Toronto. He understood the challenges of platers and set out to engineer and develop a rectifier designed for the plating industry. His rectifiers quickly became mainstream and the rectifier work horse for platers across Canada. Although widely used in Canada, rectifier numbers to the United States were sporadic Those to the south who used the equipment standardized their plants with these Canadian built rectifiers as they proved to be incredibly reliable, robust and continue to purchase from us today.

Over the years Thyristor Devices Ltd. changed hands and its’ identity became known as North American Rectifier in the 90’s. NAR continued strong, fine tuning the rectifier platform and marched along with both its’ loyal Canadian and Southern customers. Today, NAR is moving forward as an international brand with distributors across Canada, USA and Europe. The base platform and design principals that have made NAR a success remain much intact. Advances in design, internal components, and controls/communications continues to assure both long time NAR uses and new customers that NAR is committed to fulfilling our customer’s primary essential need…reliability!

Plating Electronic-
Power supply leaders
since 1987

Plating Electronic was founded in 1987 north of the town Freiburg in Breisgau. The aim was to develop and produce linearly regulated desktop rectifiers and compact rectifiers using switch mode technology. After moving three times, the company settled to its current site in February 2016 with their headquarters in their own building in Sexau near Freiburg.

Today, more than 100 people work at plating electronic and its partners, developing sophisticated solutions for demanding power supplies in industrial and scientific electrochemical processes in numerous application fields: from electroplating to surface treatment of aluminum (anodizing), from cathodic dip coating (E-coating) to electrolytic water treatment.

25 years of industry leading technology
Power supplies specifically tailored to your needs
Globally recognized and represented