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For over 50 years NAR has quietly been delivering reliable SCR based DC power to North American manufacturers. Our customers are long term, loyal and repeat buyers. They are a true testament and the driving force behind NAR's 50 year history and bright future. Stronger than ever, NAR is forging ahead with the lastest in controls all the while maintaining true to its proven air cooled technology.

That said, NAR is what it is...proven reliability, simplistic in design with robust internal components that run cool. We would like to thank both our new and long standing customers for their confidence in NAR to power their process lines. We invite you to contact us for a custom built solution to your process requirements backed by a worry free 2 year factory warranty.

The benefits of
Plating Electronic

Switch Mode Technology

Reliable, globally recognized and robust technology and is ideally suited for use in electroplating and industrial applications.

Air or Water-cooled DC and Pulse power supplies can also be easily integrated into a control system.

Digital Control (DSP Controlled)

Utilizing the most up to date technology and employ digital controls in our power supplies.

Our devices are characterized by excellent control accuracy and extremely low ripple.

Quick and easy connection to control units or to current BUS interfaces.

Real Time Ripple

Revolutionizing the industry; Plating Electronic brings to light the ability to obtain ripple % in real time right on the face of your controls.