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SCR Rectifiers

NAR is what it is…proven reliability, simplistic in design with robust internal components that run cool.

  • Primary SCR Controlled

  • Forward & Reversing

  • Filtered & Non Filtered

  • Air Cooled

  • HMI Controls & PLC Automation

  • Ease of Maintenance

  • Tech Support

  • Factory Load Tested

  • North American Made

Typical Applications:

  • Decorative Chrome

  • General Plating

  • Hard Chrome

  • Electrowinning

  • Standard and Hard Anodizing

  • Electro-Cleaning

  • Electro-polishing

  • E-Coat Processing

  • Barrel Plating

  • Continuous Strip

  • Water Treatment

  • Scientific Application


  • Remote Panel

  • Programmable Timers

  • Digital Amp & Voltage Meters

  • Digital Ramps

  • HMI & PLC Automation

General Specifications:

  • Main Input Voltage:

  • 208-230-480-575 / 3ph

  • Output Current:

  • 500A up to 30,000A

  • Output DC Voltage:

  • 6V up to 600V

  • Ripple:

  • < 5%

  • Duty:

  • 100% Continuous

Each NAR rectifier is custom made to your specifications for your application. NAR is the leader in convection and air cooled rectifiers which eliminates the cost and maintenance associated with cooling water systems. A proven track record of over 40 years of air cooled operational success is primarily attributed to robust internals that even when an NAR rectifier is at full output, the internals are operating well below their design ratings hence generating less heat. Generously sized and numerous heat sinks further assist in dissipating heat. It is common for NAR rectifiers to operate in 45C conditions under continuous duty without any overheating interruptions.